"We are under One guidance. One movement. One Love. 

In the age of enlightenment no matter who or what you are.

You are here for a reason, and that is to Ascend" 




"We all have the "seed of consciousness" that wants to manifest. And that manifest is called Ascension. That is our journey, meeting the truth within. Our evolution and union"

Isa is an international spiritual teacher and messenger of Unity Consciousness  energy healer, and creative. She is the founder of LUMIAR, a Center of Healing Lights, Awareness and Ascension. Having supported the light path embodiment of more than 7000 people to ascend and find their soul purpose on earth.

Growing up in native Brazil, she became acquainted with the shamanic/native and energy healing modalities present in her culture and from other cultures. Her mother is a devoted healer, and through her she started learning at a young age about energy healing, and the ethereal power of Love and Ascension.

Over the years, he has received training in different modalities of meditation and healing, first the early Buddhist Traditions, as well yogic meditation training, and the study of Pranayama, in India. She also graduated as Master of Reiki Healing.

In 2015, Isa experienced a full spiritual (kundalini) awakening and she was called to fulfil her life purpose and to present her current method of transmission as an interconnected being. Today she serves as a channel and messenger, and her focus is to raise awareness about our soul's mission and the rise of Ascended Mastery. Today, as an astral resident, she brings wisdom through the seed of Unity Consciousness, searching the true affinity inside our planet's ascension. 

Her goal is to bring awareness through transcript writings, lectures, the prowess of meditation and the innate mystic power of self-healing. With devotion towards awakening all beings to their true nature and power, through a loving resonance.

Her teachings today are aligned within Oneness, as it is in its true sense, through the transition of truth, in order to raise engagement through the omnipresence of love. With focus on empowering all beings to connect to the Source in their own true resolution, helping dissolve all egoistic layers of delusions of the mind and spirit. So as to embody life-changing healing, and realization leading to the obtainment of truth. 


Her teaching of meditation focus on guiding you through the high consonance. A transcendental journey that one may call remembrance. To “Un-learn” all layers of illusion in order to ascend through the insight resonating from our own divine connection and healing. Allowing everyone to reach a new order of understanding, compassion, and perfection through our own personal synergy with the higher realm.

Currently living in New York, she is working on her first book on the Ascension.

As a universal citizen, Isa respects all cultures and religions. For all of these, she recognizes the one true unification of our spirit without judgment. And regard love for all, and the goodness of all people. In order to achieve awareness through one universal Dharma.

ISA | Lumiar, The New Order of the Sun.

ISA serves as a private guide and energy healer and provides personal consultations for the ones in need.

Private Services Provided:

- 45 Min Ascensional Meditation: $75

- One-1-One Ascension Coach: $100/session 

- 1 Hour Reiki Session: $125

- 4 Hour Sessions Reiki Sessions $475 ($75 savings)


Workshops and Lectures offered through ISA and Partners at LUMIAR:

- Mastery of Ascension, as an Interconnected Being - Lecture

- Transformational Kundalini - Help for the Ones Ascending

- Transcendence through Meditation (Re-connect to Oneness) - SANGHA

- Qi - Healing the Light Body (Teaching of Qi through High Consciousness.) 

- Nature and Spirituality through Oneness

- Awakening to the Truth of Our Existence (The Nature of Enlightenment) - Lecture 

- Seeing Through Fine Art (Painting and Photography) - Workshop

- Sound Journey/Healing

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Jun 24, 2018

We are all beings of light, and we shine as we wander. As we ascend, we connect to a higher creative intelligence through One Dharma.


Yet while some are already awakened, others still suffer from the Karma buildup, which blocks them to live and channel through divine awareness. By consolidating to the One love that we are, we will be able to reach and connect to our true perfection through the Ascension.


This program will enable you to understand who you are as a Master of divine alchemy, connecting you to the higher intuitive source and creative power that is available within all human beings. Aiming to take you towards a path of self-realization and enlightenment.


This will be a guided channeled session meant to bring all to the gate of awareness for your own evolution, and consolidation in rediscovering your one true light. A process that we may call “remembrance”.


ISA works as a spiritual liaison between the higher dimension of awareness and this world. She will translate the message of the celestial realm into your understanding of love and freedom. Providing you with a blessing and activation to connect to our own guidance, as you allow the divine source to work with you as one. She is the founder of LUMIAR, a foundation of healing lights and ascension, and presently living in New York.


“Truth comes to those who search and cultivate the gateway for freedom and awareness”.


Location & Contact Details

147 west 4th street #1

Aug 04, 2018

Qi healing Through Oneness

Qi is the intricate, universal energy that flows throughout all living things. 


Access to Qi is achievable to everyone. It dwells within us. This resonance starts from within. In alignment through higher guidance, that exists inside of every cosmic element of existence.


For when we are in alignment, there is peace, harmony and “flow”. Which allows us to protect and help keep these energies. The force of Qi is rooted in the outmost love for all living beings.

Once we recognise what we are, we are able to use this light to heal ourselves and others.

My role is in guiding you connect to the source of Qi, through your own resolution. And learn the pathways of using it to heal.

Class will take place for two days, Saturday and Sunday. 

Starting at 9am-5pm, with lunch break.​


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"We live in the golden age of enlightenment, and without 

understanding what we are about, we miss

the point of our existence -  For it is our sacred nature

that should be honored, nurtured and fulfilled

for a better life. And a better world". 



"Creativity is your splendour. Your God in execution".


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