Inner Harmony

Harmony is in spirit.

Our body requires internal adjustment to find harmony.

There is no separation of body, mind and spirit. For our diseases are not physical, but spiritual.

It is the accumulation of energy in our subtle body that hurts our mental and physical state, bringing on diseases.

Our parents carry a spiritual genetic heritage. If your grandfather was ignorant of his true essence, he then carried negative conditionings through his mindsets and lifestyle, living then within the stress of the period, and could as a result, have developed cardiac problems, or diabetes, or depression. This genetic dependency follows not only through the physical symptoms, but also as a spiritual inheritance carried through his subtle field towards his children and grandchildren. And as a result his descendants will have to find harmony within.

Karmic conditioning generates lack of harmony. As we lose sight of our real configuration of collective well-being. The configuration of constant negative inputs and experiences, instigate fears, and releases stress hormones. Inner fears generate the energies that activate distress and diseases.

If we grow up in an environment where people are disconnected with our divine patrimony and our spiritual development, we’re forced into a wheel of conditioning of worries and anxieties generated by our society and itself conditioned.

And as a result we can become more egocentric, separatist and lacking, less interested in the well-being of the people around us, and our planet, which also become sick.

Healing happens through one formula: Love thyself. Reconnect thyself.

To understand who you are, understand that everything in this world is conditioned to a reality, including you. We live the history that we ourselves create.

Heal the mind; heal the spirit. Listen to your mind and observe if your mind is bringing you and others to a reality of love, or prejudice.

The vital energy, CHI or Prana functions as the following. EVERYTHING that exists resonates and influences everything around us, from what we think, what we eat, what we listen to. What we resonate and what we are.

We shall all respect CHI, which means, respect us and love us, and everything that exists. Earth and the animals are our home; we must take good care of them.

Giving is receiving. To cure diseases we shall love the source. CHI is the divine presence of life within all that exists in this reality. We are our biosphere.

Reconnect yourself with CHI through Oneness. Because you are all that. Manifest a better version of our world so CHI can flow with harmony and create what it needs, so we can heal all diseases. This is the true divine harmony.

Vibrate high, and you will attract to yourself to a better world and harmony.

Create yourself through the same vibration. And always remember. To be love is to resonate love.

~ ISA | LUMIAR The New Order of the Sun

© 2018 Ser Lumiar