The Illusion of Fear

Fear based conditioning of the mind is what keeps us arrested, and as such suffering is the consequence.

When your mind is not peaceful and not happy or not resonating high, it means that you still have negative attachments. Connotations that are not allowing you to reach your full potential and harmony as a human being. You lose your center and connection. For these attachments are the illusions you are finding within yourself, through living.

When this happens, we experience suffering through the reflections of our own unawareness on to other beings, and pulled into situations of pain and discomfort.

The inner world is a reflection of our outer world, and the outer world is a reflection of our inner world.

Illusions about the world around you are reflections of illusions that we build within ourselves from our opinions, fears, insecurities and attachments. These inner impurities were created by our past environment and project a reality that seems “as” if it were something else.

We create this “as if “ reality as a defense mechanism, or as we call it “self-sabotage". We view life from this apparent reality and make decisions according to that viewpoint and not according to the viewpoint of a peaceful, illuminated and a loving heart.

If you can journey inside yourself to reconnect to awareness, you can then address and heal these impurities, and regain the trust and the ultimate Truth.

This Truth can provide a safety beyond any illusion of the ego, for it is projected from the Higher Self rather than from fears and traumas of your ego, constructed over the years of your life.

Heal oneself and heal oneness. The dissolution of your fear is the dissolution of your ego. By reconnecting to the All Source of awareness, God. Within you and within all of us, you can reconnect the world.

Love Oneness.

~ Isa | Lumiar The New Order of the Sun

© 2018 Ser Lumiar