We Manifest Who We Are

We are just an illusion of what we project.

As our world manifests through our thoughts, which becomes our reality.

As this reality drives the perceptions of our day and our continuity.

However, we live in the present. There is only now. As this journey of life is only a starting point of two major roads. The road that searches for love and self-improvement of ourselves. And the road of fear which brings more suffering to the self.

Emotional fears are illusions that conduct us to danger. As the darkness is the absence. If we accept the presence of the shadows and fears, we will give life to them. And become unnecessarily a victim.

If we project love and light, we will bring more love to our world and peace within us.

Believe in your inner karmic equilibrium through your divine consciousness. This higher presence knows your return and self-realization, beyond the conditionings if the mind based on fear modes, beyond the material. Our remembrance is your dissolution of the ego and self-realization on Earth.

Search for self-improvement through your thoughts and become conscious of what you cultivate in your minds.

Becoming an observer and a transformer, with gratefulness. search to adopt a positive attitude and forgive your past mistakes, always with continuation and self-improvement and great learning evolution.

Concentrate on love, to bring more love and peace between you and others. This is also our protection. We are on vibrational field and adepts to the light bring more light and consciousness to the world.

Meditate and elevate your thoughts, and search to connect to “you”. Remember that by elevating your thoughts to the union with your higher self, you will bring tranquility and mental health to you, and also the comprehension of what does not benefit you any longer.

ISA | LUMIAR with the Ascended Realm

© 2018 Ser Lumiar